Home Cooking and Family-Style Dining

Part of the unique appeal of Grace Pointe is the involvement of our residents in daily living. Our residents regularly join staff in the kitchen to assist in meal preparation. Breakfast time is left open to residents’ individual desires. A communal lunch and dinner is served family style at a single large table where residents and staff share conversation as well as cuisine. As a result, the staff gains a deeper understanding of the residents and their particular needs.

Familiar Sights, Sounds and Smells

Memory loss can cause people to lose interest in food. Food prepared in a remote kitchen without familiar sights, smells and sounds can confuse someone affected by dementia. The proximity to food as it is cooked reminds residents of an approaching mealtime and stimulates their appetites. Awareness of this occurrence and the use of bright china to help residents see food on their plates leads to better eating and living.

Recipes That Are Just Like Family

One of the many advantages of an onsite kitchen is that the staff can prepare and serve our residents’ favorite recipes, whether for birthdays, holidays, or “just because.” It also simplifies providing an alternative meal if the resident does not care for the original offering. A dietician reviews our meal plans every six months to ensure all nutritional standards are met.


Next Steps...

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