Individual Memory Care

Grace Pointe promotes the highest standard of individual memory care possible through intensive, continuing staff education, support and feedback. Our residents find our highly personal, therapeutically-based daily interaction to be highly rewarding. We are dedicated to the advancement of care with continuing specialized dementia training.

A Meaningful Existence -

The emotional welfare of our residents is as important to us as their physical well-being. The activities of daily life, the joy of music and even new pastimes are all part of the many ways our staff adds meaning to the lives of our residents.

Full of Meaningful Engagement

A resident with memory loss is still able to lead a meaningful life at Grace Pointe. Our assisted living model encourages residents to participate with daily household tasks to help them maintain a sense of purpose and a normal daily rhythm. Residents are encouraged to set the table, garden, sweep, or help make dessert. These engagements, although simple, help give them a role and a home.

Events, Big and Small

Our activities coordinator plans every day directly with both residents and staff. We strive to provide all residents with experiences that match their interests and support their remaining abilities. Since each resident’s needs are different, our activities range from one-on-one to large groups. We are even able to offer field trips to further the connection between residents and the surrounding community.

Dedicated to Evidence-Based Therapy

Everyone affected by dementia continues to hope for developments that delay, reverse or prevent its advancement. Much research is underway to understand the causes of Alzheimer’s and similar conditions. In addition, much other study is underway to advance the management of those with mild cognitive impairment. At Grace Pointe we continuously monitor these studies and will add new evidence-based care to our approach to treatment as they are developed.


Next Steps...

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