Memory Care Activities

Activities and Alzheimer’s: An introduction

After someone receives an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, it is important to keep them involved in activities they enjoyed in the past.  These pastimes help:

  • Rekindle and reinforce memories
  • Encourage emotional links to family and friends
  • Inspire self-expression
  • Reduce apprehension
  • Increase engagement with life

The activities most appropriate for someone with Alzheimer’s depends on the person. Meaningful activities are much more important than those that simply pass time. Consider past interests, but stay mindful of safety and practicality. Remember that Alzheimer’s affects behavior and senses as well as memory. So some activities that a person once enjoyed may now be too complex.

Suggested Activities

Here is a list of activities to try. The time of day may make some more appealing than others. Do not lose sight of the fact that interest level or involvement may decline as the disease progresses.

  1. Sing songs or play music
  2. Do simple arts and crafts
  3. Organize household or office items if the person enjoyed organizational tasks
  4. Perform simple household tasks such as dusting and sweeping
  5. Work in a garden
  6. Read the newspaper
  7. Look at books with familiar pictures
  8. Cook or bake
  9. Work on puzzles
  10. Watch family videos.

A flexible, supportive approach works best. If an activity is not well-received, move on. You can return to it later, especially if you can discover how to make it more enjoyable. Be sure to concentrate on the activity’s process rather than its results. What’s most important is making the time enjoyable and feel productive for your loved one.


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