An Innovative Approach to Memory Care

Grace Pointe Assisted Living offers a non-traditional approach to care for seniors whose memory impairment no longer allows them to live at home. Our innovative combination of engagement, support and compassionate care, professional staffing, and open floor plan make our facility unique among the options currently available for those who face dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Care with Compassion

Compassion and respect for our residents is at the heart of every aspect of Grace Pointe Assisted Living. We continually research and implement strategies that will improve the environment and the day-to-day activities of our residents.

Our Staff

Our staff is trained and managed to conduct itself as a team at all times. This approach develops a closeness between staff and residents that is at once more professional and more personal than care provided elsewhere. Our around-the-clock concern for our residents is your assurance that all health issues are monitored and quickly met as they arise.

Our Facility

Grace Pointe Assisted Living is built around inviting public areas, welcoming small gathering places and homelike private or semi-private bedroom groupings that house no more than six residents. This warm and familiar setting avoids the use of long hallways and allows residents to move more easily and independently. The color and contrast, circular pathways and bright lighting used in the layout and décor are specifically chosen to support residents with memory loss.

Daily life is also as close as possible to life in a private home. Our residents wake and sleep as they choose, order breakfast to suit their tastes and are constantly surrounded by reminders of home such as the sights and smells of meals on the stove, or fresh laundry.


Individual memory Care

Grace Pointe promotes the highest standard of individual memory care possible through intensive, continuing staff education, support and feedback. Our residents find our highly personal, therapeutically-based daily interaction to be highly rewarding. We are dedicated to the advancement of care with continuing specialized dementia training.


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Our Staff

The memory care staff at Grace Pointe Assisted Living is made up of caregivers, certified nursing assistants, an activities coordinator, an administrator, and an home manager. A dietician, social workers, a nurse supervisor, pharmacy, and a visiting physician consult with the staff on a regular basis.

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Our Services

At Grace Pointe Assisted Living we provide comprehensive and quality care to all our residents, ensuring that your loved ones needs are being met. Our person-centered care and low staff to resident ratio assure that each resident is receiving the quality attention and family environment that they need. Our unique home environment and substantial relationships with each resident ensure a community that is fulfilling and enriching.

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Next Steps...

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